Why Mentoring Matters


Towards the conclusion of each program, our students are challenged to use what they’ve learned and participate in an act of service. From picking up trash or painting a bench to handing out sack lunches, many students experience activities that meet the needs of others. For some students, this is the first time they have such an opportunity.

Ruston Jr. High programs have previously collected canned food for the local food bank and built picnic tables for the common’s area. This program’s service was a little different. The 7th graders were tasked to write a “Letter of Affirmation” to an adult on campus who had positively impacted their lives.

One student chose to write to her mentor, Mrs. Beverly. The student’s thoughtful letter included things like, “Thank you so much for being so nice & teaching me important and necessary character traits…”, “Thank you for showing us acts of kindness to us all.” These comments continued for a few more lines and as you could imagine, Mrs. Beverly was grateful for the kind words. It seemed to make that 14-week commitment worth it.

The conclusion of the letter went like this, “…You showed me that I can do a lot more than I think I can…” As you read that line, what did you think? A word that came to mind was HOPE. Through the intentional efforts of one mentor working within a team, a 7th grade girl was given HOPE. “Mentoring Matters” because everyone needs HOPE. Where it exists, purpose and potential can begin to grow.             


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